Sunday, 14 May 2017

Star Wars – Merchandise Concepts

I was asked by a company to put together all the Artwork for their retail box concept. During my concept stages and a few pitches the company was granted a license from Disney for Star Wars. We did get contracts with two High Street Chains however the project was pulled later due to production costs and economics. I produced all the Artwork for the interior, exterior and merchandise products inside the box. The only product I didn’t come up with inside (as it was just a concept idea), was the Origami vehicle pieces, which came from the wonderful Star Wars Origami book by Chris Alexander. The idea was to have an included vacuumed T-Shirt, iron-on badges (to personalise the T-Shirt), sticker decals, collectable Artwork / Posters. Also we thought it be great if the box could be used as some sort of staging. The idea of this was to minimise the Carbon Footprint of the product, as so much packaging today is simply thrown away. Also it would make the product more fun for the consumer! You will see the idea I came up with later.