Monday, 15 May 2017

Star Wars – Box Contents & Staging

This just shows different ideas I came up with of what may be included in the box and just how adaptable it could be. I think the key rule is whatever was included needed to be as thin as possible or fold out in some manner. Posters are always great and things people love to collect!

We were fairly pressed for tie and I came up with the ship platform concept, with it being quite iconic scene in Cloud City in the Star Wars franchise and thought it would be fairly easy to put together. These sections, along with all the other merchandise could be collectible with different options. I thought you could have an X-Wing ship and maybe a Dagobah swamp landing area, an AT-AT or Snowspeeder  and a Hoff snowy environment…the list is really is endless! Lastly I finished off with some T-Shirt Concepts, just tried to keep it simple. I thought having customization on the sleeves was a nice idea to make your T-Shirt more personal i.e. decide to be an Imperial or a Rebel, have a rank etc. We found a company that produced specialized badges that could be ironed onto garments or used as sticker decals.